Rapid Orthodontics


Orthodontics is mainly about straightening crowded teeth. Teeth are crowded because the jaw is too small to allow them to stand evenly next to each other (housing problem). 

So if you still want to straighten the crowded teeth, the jaw usually needs to be made a little larger. 

That can be achieved by means of a minor surgical procedure in which the jaw is widened with artificial bone. Simultaneously with this procedure,a corticotomie on the alveolair bone (bone carving) resulted in a more rapid orthodontic toothmovement than that obtained with conventional methods (the Regional Acceletory Phenomenon RAP). 

Because with regular orthodontics the jaw is not widened, it is almost impossible to align the dental arch within the too small jaw and teeth / molars will have to be removed. If the jaw is not surgically widened, there is a high risk of gingival recession.   


What does the treatment look like? 

Brackets are placed on the teeth. Shortly thereafter a small operation is performed in which the surface of the bone is processed (bone carving) and artificial bone is applied. The procedure is well anesthetized and is therefore not painful. If necessary, pain after pain relief can be absorbed. The operation takes approximately one hour. Some swelling occurs but it disappeared again after a few days. The stitches are removed after ten days. The displacement of the teeth is now much faster (9 months on average) and more responsible because the roots remain in the (new) jaw bone and are not partially placed outside of it.   


Used worldwide 

The Wilcko and Wilcko brothers from Boston already started this technique 25 years ago and with good results. Hundreds of publications from around the world have since appeared. This accelerated straightening of the teeth, supported by a minor intervention, is based on a scientifically based technique; PAOO, PeriodontallyAcceleratedOsteogenicOrthodontics.   


Eleven years ago, I was the first in the Netherlands to start using this technique and have already performed hundreds of treatments in this way. The results are amazing! (see also my publications).   



Before treatment: Deep bite and reclining lower teeth (and jaw)

After treatment: Both dental arches are exactly right above each other and aligned. Treatment time: 12 months